Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) Anodes

MMO Coated / Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anodes

MMO Coated disc for cathodic protection of ship hull

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For the protection of ship or boat hull from seawater corrosion, we need to insert our MMO Coated titanium disc or Niobium disc or Platinized rubberised disc.


MMO Coated rubberized disc and zinc reference electrode

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Normally Titanium is the noncorrosive nature, but non conductive material. MMO Coating will give the conductivity in titanium as per the application and amperage. MMO Coated disc used in ship hull protection to avoid high corrosion in seawater. Zinc reference electrode will be placed in particular distance as per the cathodic protection system to monitor the conductivity of the MMO coating disc.

Tiaano supplying MMO coating disc for Navy ships as well as abroad clients.


MMO Coated titanium disc anode/ Platinised Niobium disc anode for Hull protection supported with coffordam fixing

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Tiaano supplying Disc anode both MMO and platinised Titanium / niobium anode for hull protection . Smallest dis anode for small Boats and yachets

MMO coated disc for hull protection

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Corrosion causes structures like ships, boats and submarine to weaken the structure. This may result in leakages and unsafe working conditions. Instead of trying to fix these issues after the fact you can focus on avoiding corrosion before it happens with protection methods, such as ICCP. It is very costly to retrofit or rework the big ships and also waste of time and stop the business activity.

Avoiding corrosion in a harsh ocean environment often requires the use of cathodic protection methods. These usability is different tools, such as sacrificial anodes or impressed currents, to help maritime-based industries stay afloat.

Impressed current cathodic protection is the best way compared to sacrificial anode.

We can install MMO coated disc in the hull by passing DC current by a rectifier which will protect the ships life longer nearly 20 to 25 years depends upon the usage of the ship which afloat often.

MMO Coated disc size will be customized depends upon the design of the CP system.

We can monitor the ICCP system activity by reference electrode.

Tiaano manufacturing Platinum as well as MMO Coated Disc. 

Our recent supply to Indian Navy through our regular customer:


Platinized FRP insulated strip for Cathodic protection in ship hull protection

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Platinized FRP insulated strip for Cathodic protection  in ship hull protection

Platinized Titanium anodes take advantage of the low consumption rate and high current density. Voltages in excess of 10 Volts will result in severe pitting of the titanium core causing premature failure. Exterior protection of ships hulls - anodes in the shape of plates, discs or strips

Platinized FRP insulated strip Anode with impressed current leads to protect the hull of the ships. Negative terminal which is connected to ship hull and positive terminal with impressed current anodes.

Underwater steel structures protection like wharves, jetties, sheet pile walls and piers. Usually rod type anodes distributed throughout the structure to be protected to give a good overall protective current distribution.

Change in the potential of an electrode as the result of current flow to or from that electrode. Also, a change in the potential of a corroding metal from its natural steady-state value, as a result of current flow. “Depolarization” is the reverse process of Polarization. Depolarization is sometimes referred to as "hypo polarization”.

Tiaano supply

Tiaano is well known for ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) anodes and supplying anodes nearly 63 countries.

Our anodes are gone through the accreditation test by M/s. TWT, London as per NACE standard TMO 294-200




PLATINIZED ROD Anode used for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection of Marine Structure

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Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems are the ultimate solution for all corrosion problems to protect the metallic structure for long time and are recognized as a superior alternative to sacrificial anode systems which require frequent replacement. Impressed current cathodic protection systems are preferred by ship owners because they reduce fuel cost and maintenance.

ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection)anodes are controlled amount of DC current to submerged surfaces like underground oil wells using highly reliable mixed metal oxide anodes and zinc reference electrodes. This electrical current, constantly monitored and regulated by the system itself to prevent the electrochemical action of galvanic corrosion before it begins.

Platinized Titanium Rod are usually used in cantilever anode which is used for protecting pipeline internal, pump internal & condenser box internal for 30 years and more by applying DC current with transformer rectifier.

Normally titanium is well known for its high resistance to corrosion both water and chemical media. But titanium is the poor electricity conductor. So we use platinum/ MMO plating/Coating to increase the conductivity.

We Tiaano is the supplier of cathodic protection over 65 countries like Israel Electricity, Aramco etc., and owning the name created the regular customer for us.






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