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Electrolytic Scale Remover for Cooling Water
Tiaano, India ventured and developed “Tiaano-ElSr” for removal or separation of scale/hardness by electrolytic operation. Continuous electrolytic scale removal or hardness removal and onsite disinfectants generation - mitigate the scaling, corrosion, bio-fouling & bacterial infection in cooling tower Water distribution system. In order to overcome the limitations of conventional cooling water treatment (addition of chemicals or by water softening). read more..

It produces Oxidants in the water; Oxidants prevents the Corrosion, Bio-fouling, Scaling, Micro-Organism growth & spread of airborne bacteria.

Modular system is designed and available according to the cooling tower chiller capacity like 200 TR, 400 TR, 600 TR, 800 TR, 1000 TR & 1200 TR.
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