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Titanium Cells for Electrolytic generation of Hydrogen and Oxygen
Oxy-Hydrogen / HHO is a non-toxic gas, used as a supplement to any traditional fuels such as Petrol (Gasoline), Diesel and Heavy oil to Increase… Pollution free exhaust, Engine performance and Mileage. Titanium Electrolyzer (anode & cathode assembly) coated with Platinum group precious metal oxides separates clean & soft (distilled) water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gases, using small amount of DC power.

Titanium electrolyzers consist of 99.9% pure titanium base, standards as per ASTM B Gr.1 in the form of expanded metal, sheet or tube with a thin coating of platinum group precious metal oxides between 10 to 12 microns. They posses electrochemical properties of precious metals.

The advantages of titanium electrolyzers (anode and cathode assembly) are...

Long operating life, maintenance-free, high dimensional stability & load resistance, good current distribution, high corrosion resistance and low weight.

Purest form of HHO, Clean water always, No by-product gases, No corrosion, No maintenance, No hexavalent chromium, No rust, No sludge, No flushing or disassembly ever required.

Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd, India design & manufacturing titanium electrolyzers since 2007 and exporting 48 countries. In addition to the custom-design electrodes, standard titanium electrolyzers are available for…

I] HHO generation with the configurations of…
1. Dry cells with PPE cell construction.
2. Dry cells with CTE cell construction.
3. Wet cells with PPME/PPE cell constructions.
II] Separated Hydrogen & Oxygen generation with the configuration of …
4. Cells with PEM (membrane based)
According to the customer’s requirement, either Monopolar or Bipolar design is to be adopted.

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