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SAVE DIESEL UPTO 30% BY WATER (HydroGen Generator)
HydroGen, a FUEL AND ENVIRONMENT SAVING device, Designed and manufactured by Tiaano, India by using their unique TITANIUM & NOBEL METAL ELECTRODES, patented Electro chemical & long-lasting water electrolysis process, it separates the water [H2O] into its components of Hydrogen & Oxygen [HHO].

Tiaano produce HHO Generator [HydroGen] having minimum production capacity of 0.1LPM HHO to 7.5 LPM HHO for the Automobile engines, Stationary engines, welding sets and to concentrate the custom made systems as well. HHO is added into the air intake manifold of the engine and helps the engine to burn energy more resourcefully. The engine’s air intake injects HHO into piston cylinders.

The HHO mix in to the fuel in combustion chamber to ignite simultaneously in the entire combustion chamber - resulting that burning the fuel almost completely & saves the fuel up to 30% depends upon the vehicle and its drive platform. HHO keeps the engine cool & prevents Global warming. HydroGen is the device which produces HHO only on demand – No storage tank required. HHO cleans your engine – the result is reduces the oil change cycle & improves the life span of the Engine. HHO improves the engine torque, engine runs more smoothly. Save lot of money that you waste on your fuel and engine maintenance, since the electrolyzer have life up to the engine’s life. For more details please visit our site www.watercar.in
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