Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) Anodes

MMO Coated / Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anodes

MMO Coated ribbon anode and conductor bar for gigantic tank bottom protection

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 MMO Coated ribbon anode and conductor bar for gigantic tank bottom protection. The output of the ICCP system should be optimized to provide enough current to provide protection to the target structure. Some cathodic protection transformer-rectifier units are designed with taps on the transformer windings and jumper terminals to select the voltage output of the ICCP system. Cathodic protection transformer-rectifier units for water tanks and used in other applications are made with solid state circuits to automatically adjust the operating voltage to maintain the optimum current output or structure-to-electrolyte potential. For shore structures and other large complex target structures, ICCP systems are often designed with multiple independent zones of anodes with separate cathodic protection transformer-rectifier circuits.

MMO coated cantilever and MMO coated disc for cathodic protection

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MMO Coated cantilever/disc anode are used to protect the gigantic pump internals, pipe line internal and condenser box where the sea water/ oil pass through in it. These anodes are used to protect the cathode what we have given negative from erosion and corrosion with DC power supply called as impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP)

We, Tiaano supplying various types of cantilever/disc anodes with MMO coating as well as platinized coating as per the customer requirement.

Our recent supply to Spain:



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Cathodic protection is most innovative technique to protect the corrosion of active metal surfaces. Cathodic protection is used all over the globe to protect pipelines, big concrete structures, water treatment plants, above and underwater storage tanks, ship and boat hulls, offshore production platforms, reinforcement bars in concrete structures and jetties and piers.

There are two types of cathodic protections one is impressed current cathodic protection cathodic anodes and number two is depressed current cathodic protection.

In depressed current cathodic protection system, the anode which is used to protect the structure will be sacrificial. Its life is too short not more than two years. But in impressed current cathodic protection system, the anode which will be connected to the DC power is act as a barrier to protect the structure.

Tiaano manufacturing and supplying ICCP anodes over 63 countries.

Our recent supply the spares of MMO coated rod and MMO coated fasteners to protect the pipe line structure.


FRP INSULATED MMO COATED STRIP for cathodic protection

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FRP INSULATED  MMO COATED STRIP for cathodic protection

Normally all are used Galvanic anodes (depressed current cathodic protection)for the jetty pile protection which will act as a sacrificial , have to replace the anodes at regular intervals.  There is a best alternate source to protect the jetty piles is an impressed current design utilizing MMO coated or PLATINUM plated anode sleds was evaluated is a best alternate source  which protect more than 30 years of design life. MMO coated anodes consist of an iridium oxide catalyst and a mixture of other rare earth oxides coated onto a titanium substrate. These dimensionally stable, catalytic anodes have exceptionally low consumption rates measured in mg/A-y, provide outstanding chemical resistance, and are stable in a wide range of applications. Originally developed for use in seawater hydrolysis applications, MMO anodes are ideal for use in seawater CP service.

We the Tianno supplying PLATINISED (OR) MMO COATED FRP INSULATED STRIP ANODE and strip in difference dimensions, depends upon the customer’s requirement.

We regularly supplying strip for the MMO COATED FRP INSULATED STRIP ANODE for our USA client.

MMO coated disc for hull protection

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Corrosion causes structures like ships, boats and submarine to weaken the structure. This may result in leakages and unsafe working conditions. Instead of trying to fix these issues after the fact you can focus on avoiding corrosion before it happens with protection methods, such as ICCP. It is very costly to retrofit or rework the big ships and also waste of time and stop the business activity.

Avoiding corrosion in a harsh ocean environment often requires the use of cathodic protection methods. These usability is different tools, such as sacrificial anodes or impressed currents, to help maritime-based industries stay afloat.

Impressed current cathodic protection is the best way compared to sacrificial anode.

We can install MMO coated disc in the hull by passing DC current by a rectifier which will protect the ships life longer nearly 20 to 25 years depends upon the usage of the ship which afloat often.

MMO Coated disc size will be customized depends upon the design of the CP system.

We can monitor the ICCP system activity by reference electrode.

Tiaano manufacturing Platinum as well as MMO Coated Disc. 

Our recent supply to Indian Navy through our regular customer:



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Piggy pack anodes are used to protect the tank bottoms. It’s the easiest method of cathodic protection which may not need a weld at site and also easy to handle and install.

Piggy pack wire anodes connected with cable by the way of Crimping and sealing with mastic and heat shrink sleeve procedure. Tiaano have the in house facility to crimp the anodes in LIDA and CPCC connection.

The piggy pack anodes are inserted in the jacket with coke fill to sustain the conductivity of the anodes in the place where we install for cathodic protection.


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Canister anodes are made from metallic alloys like steel with more negative electrochemical potential than the object to be protected. They are usually filled with coke fill to make a conductivity of burial anodes.Canister length and dia will be customized

Once at the jobsite and just prior to installation into the ground, it is suggested that small holes or slots be cut into the steel canister to allow any available groundwater into the canister. Care should be taken when cutting these hole or slots to avoid damage to the anode or anode cable.

Tiaano supplied Tubular anodes with steel canisters.



MMO Coated rod & MMO Coated tube – Spares for Cantilever anode and Tubular anode for cathodic protection:

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MMO Coated rod & MMO Coated tube – Spares for Cantilever anode and Tubular anode for cathodic protection:


We design, manufacturing and supply of MMO & Platinum plated Titanium and Niobium anodes for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP).  According to the customer’s requirement we manufacture the anodes from copper cored titanium and copper cored niobium too.   Our anodes are gone through the accreditation test by M/s. TWT, London as per NACE standard TMO 294-200.  Our MMO coated / Platinized anodes are specified as…



Ø  Made from seamless Titanium tubes:  Single or multi string anodes, Cantilever and probe anodes, Civil probe or discrete tube anodes, Liner loop tube anodes, Tube anodes.
Ø  Made from titanium / niobium or their copper cored rods: Cantilever anodes, Heater probe anodes, Canister anodes, Suspended rod anodes, Rod anodes.
Ø  Made from titanium and niobium wires: Canister anodes, Expanded spring anodes, Anode flex, Piggy back anodes, Linear loop anodes, Wire anodes.
Ø  Made from Titanium and Niobium sheets:  Strip canister anodes, Strip anodes, Elliptical anodes, Disc anodes, Solid ribbon anodes, Pyramid anodes, Conductor bar.
Ø  Made from Titanium expanded metal mesh: Mesh canister anodes, Ribbon mesh anodes, discrete anodes, Star guard anodes, Anode mesh.
Ø   Reference electrodes from MMO coated titanium rods and zinc cast rods.



Tiaano supplying all cathodic protection anodes as well as spares of CP anodes such as mmo coated & platinized titanium rod, tube, mesh, plate etc., in larger quantity to our regular customers all over the world.


Our recent supply to our Indonesian customer:




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Vessels, pipelines, condenser box and tanks which are used to store or transport liquids can also be protected from corrosion on their internal surfaces by the use of cathodic protection.  By passing the DC current through the cantilever which is coated with platinum or MMO (mixed metal oxide) the cathode will be protected and could be monitor by the reference electrodes.

Tiaano supplying anodes as per the customer design and as well as our own design.


A reference electrode must have specific electrical, physical and chemical properties. It must facilitate the measurement of accurate pipe/soil/reference electrode potentials on pipelines. It must ideally have a stability that is sustainable for years. For this to occur it should not be polarized by the very low electrical current that will flow in a measurement circuit. The potential should be measured with a high impedance multi-meter or voltmeter.

Reference electrode allows you to measure the potential of the working electrode without passing current through it while counter (auxiliary) electrode allows you to pass current. If oxidation occurs at the working electrode, reduction using the same magnitude of current is sustained at the counter electrode and hence there is no current flow between working and reference electrode(high input impedance) enabling us to follow changes in working electrode potential accurately. This is not possible in a two electrode system although we can get crude values by using certain types of electrodes which can act simultaneously as working and reference electrode.

Tiaano supplying reference electrodes like zinc, AgAgcl for the pipeline, jetty etc.,

Our recent supply  of MMO Coated Cantilever anode and reference electrode to our Calcutta customer:






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An impressed current cathodic protection system (ICCP) is the technology to protect the concrete structure, pipelines, jetties and other materials which are corroded with natural or chemical elements.

Anodes for ICCP systems are available in a variety of shapes and sizes in different application. These consist of anodes connected to a DC power source, often a transformer-rectifier connected to AC power. In the absence of an AC supply, alternative power sources may be used, such as solar panels, wind power or gas powered thermoelectric generators

Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd., India - manufactures CPCC Piggyback Wire Anodes at their in-house facilities in India, for impressed current cathodic protection application. Using following alternative anode combinations are been supplied based on the application and customer''s interest

Our recent supply of MMO Coated wire 2500 mtrs. to our Gujarat customer:





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